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These testimonies were given freely to Neuroffeedback Maui and offered to be shared with others in its entirety.

"If I had to describe my experience with MFC and their use of neurofeedback to treat my condition (only a couple sessions so far) I would say that it has awaked and rejuvenated my mind. I would recommend that anyone suffering from mental fatigue or traumatic stress give it a try, as it has had a positive affect on my life and fort that I am grateful. Thank you Mrs. Stephanie Garcia for introducing this life-changing technology to me in my treatment. I am forever grateful! You are a true professional."

Jeremy G. Wailuku, HI

"Neurotherapy and Stephanie have truly changed my life in such a short time. I have only been to 3 neurofeedback sessions, but I have seen significant improvements in focus, happiness, and lowered levels of anxiety and depression. I have taken medication, attend basically every therapy available on planet Earth for the last 4 years and this has been BY FAR the most affective treatment, and I'm not even near finished. I am so eager to keep attending the train pain/neurofeedback sessions. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction I highly recommend trying this out as it is non-invasive!

Stephanie is an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated licensed marriage and family counselor. She recently held a conference on addiction and neurofeedback on Maui, and is constantly read up on the latest science concerning the brain and how to optimize performance. She is a very astute and intuitive counselor and simultaneously extremely professional. I felt my opinions and feedback as a client were validated and valued at all times. Explanations for what I experienced during sessions were backed by scientific findings which Stephanie would discuss. but she was also very open to hearing my interpretations of my experience and sensations I felt during a neurofeedback sessions."

Jon W. Kihei, HI

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"The sessions themselves are pleasant in a way that is difficult to describe. Immediately after a training, I feel calmer and simultaneously more alert and ready to tackle my day. There is no need for more rest or time off after a treatment - you leave and move about the rest of your day, hopefully with more ease. They are completely painless and consist of staring at a computer screen and listening to music after the clinician (Stephanie) attaches sensors to your scalp. It feels a bit like you are playing a video game with your mind."


"As someone who has dealt with depressive and obsessive compulsive type symptoms for years, I cannot believe that this treatment was not suggested sooner in my life. It is possible to identify difficult thought patterns in your life, and with the aid of software of the software, change the functioning of your brain to overwrite established thought patterns that may be causing distress. Even after one session focusing on a certain situation, I found that when I encountered it next it did not bring up such strong feelings within me. I could see people and situations with fresh eyes and act appropriately rather than through a filter influenced by the past which had previously colored my judgement."


"My name is Dan Garcia and I am a 35 year alcoholic and addict and Stephanie and Maui Family Counseling has made my life so much better. I highly recommend them to anybody who is looking to better their life. I have been dual diagnosed with depression also and the neurofeedback has really been a benefit."

Dan G. Los Angeles, CA

"Identifying the focused and creative ?flow? state through neurofeedback, as well as more relaxed brain states allowed me to consciously tap into these states on my own. I am able to identify when I am in this state or place myself in it to become more creative, intuitive and successful at work."


"An amazing job at making my child feel comfortable. After one session I am seeing a huge improvement. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Michelle S. Kahului, HI

"I feel I have found an incredible tool to help myself and others break through stuck thought patterns and move toward new perspectives with the potential for greater, lasting happiness."


"Neurofeedback is an incredible tool! I wish I have known about it sooner! I think clearer, I am able to think critically about situations before reacting to them? I suspect the world would be a much better place if we all enjoyed Neurofeedback sessions regularly."

Bev B. Haiku, HI