We are passionate about helping people through natural, non-invasive and educational techniques.

How we Help And Heal People

Neurofeedback Maui helps people by tackling core problems rather than just putting a bandaid on our patient’s issues. We are an experienced group of experts ready to make a positive change in the lives of people suffering from stress, trauma, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, epilepsy, chronic pain, insomnia and more. With neurofeedback technology, through repetition and practice, the brain learns to stay in healthier patterns. Research has well established that repetitive exercises of the brain reshape neural networks through the process of neuroplasticity. The organ rewires neural pathways the same way we learn any new skill, through feedback and practice.

Neurfeedback can not only treat ADHD/ADD, anxiety, addiction, OCD, insomnia, epilepsy, chronic pain, but can also have profoundly positive effects on mood, creativity, focus (flow state) and many other cognitive enhancements.

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  • ADHD

    Neurofeedback is the highest clinically rated treatment...

  • Learning

    Neurofeedback improves learning skills by training...

  • Head Trauma

    NF is recognized as one of the only treatments...

  • Addiction

    Dr. Shari Corbitt, the former VP of Promises...

  • Peak Performance

    "The zone" or "flow state" are terms coined...

  • Cognitive Enhancement

    Neurofeedback has been long used as a mental...

  • Counseling

    Our expertise in Family, Couple & Individual...

  • Continuing Education

    We often hold conferences to educate....

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Our Testimonials

An amazing job at making my child feel comfortable. After one session I am seeing a huge improvement. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Michelle S.

My name is Dan Garcia and I am a 35 year alcoholic and addict and Stephanie and Maui Family Counseling has made my life so much better. I highly recommend them to anybody who is looking to better their life. I have been dual diagnosed with depression also and the neurofeedback has really been a benefit.

- Dan G.

If I had to describe my experience with MFC and their use of neurofeedback to treat my condition (only a couple sessions so far) I would say that it has awaked and rejuvenated my mind. I would recommend that anyone suffering from mental fatigue or traumatic stress give it a try, as it has had a positive affect on my life and fort that I am grateful. Thank you Mrs. Stephanie Garcia for introducing this life-changing technology to me in my treatment. I am forever grateful! You are a true professional.

- Jeremy G.

Our Team

Stephanie Garcia, MA, BCN
Board Certified Neurofeedback Specialist | Marriage & Family Therapist | Public Speaker

Deborah Stote
PhD Behavioral Neuroscientist, Clinical Psychologist

Jennifer Duron
Health & Wellness Expert

Juvy Ventura
Skincare & Fitness Expert